Humidity (Stability) Chamber

Humidity Chamber

enviro-x Humidity Chamber is used to determine the shelf life of a drug.

Humidity Chamber or a stability chamber is a product in which desired temperature and relative humidity is controlled.

Condition is dependent on the type of product user wants to store.

We will control the desired user condition which is necessary for the stability study of a product

Humidity (Stability) Chamber :

enviro-x series Humidity Chamber deals with

Temperature range 20°C to 60 °C
Relative Humidity range 45% to 95% Rh.

Standard Features

  • Double walled insulated structure in order to avoid infiltration of outside temperature.
  • Material of construction: Outer body: Powder coated mild steel/SS304; inner chamber: SS304/SS316
  • Proper door sealing to avoid infiltration of outside air into the chamber.
  • Inside glass door for viewing.
  • Illumination provision.
  • PU wheels for easy movement.
  • U-shaped SS Nichrome heaters with fins for proper heat transfer.
  • CFC free cooling system with default stand-by refrigeration system. (Auto Switch-over).
  • Forced air circulation for proper uniformity of temperature.
  • Noncondensing type steam injection system with stand by arrangement (Auto Switch-over).
  • High quality Relative Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for Temperature and Relative Humidity Measurement (Along with test certificates).
  • 65-mm calibration port from side.
  • High quality hinges for main door as well as glass door.
  • Comfortable handle arrangement for door opening as well as for closing.
  • PLC based control system for Temperature and Relative Humidity control with Touch Screen Human Machine Interface.
  • Ethernet for PC connectivity.
  • Printer Output: Compatible for LX-300 dot matrix printer.
  • Independent safety power cut-off through Thermostat.
  • Alarm safety for Overshoot and Undershoot of Temperature & Relative Humidity.
  • Entire system can be monitored remotely through our PC software for data management “enviro-x connect”.
  • Complete IQ,OQ,PQ along with operational and Maintenance Manual.

Optional Features

  • 21-CFR part 11 compliant software for data management.
  • Mobile Alert System.
  • 4-Point Temperature & Relative humidity Scanner for mapping as well as for data logging.
  • Bio-Metric Door Opening with data logging of the same in “enviro-x connect”.

Technical Details

  • Temperature Range: 20°C~60°C
  • Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0.2°C
  • Temperature Uniformity: ±2°C
  • Relative Humidity Range: 45%Rh~95%Rh
  • Relative Humidity Control Accuracy: ±2%Rh
  • Relative Humidity Uniformity: ±3%Rh

Dimensional Details

Sr No. Model Capacity Ltr/cb.ft Internal Chamber Dimension (mm) External Chamber Dimension (mm) No. of Trays
Width Depth Height Width Depth Height
1 EN-HCE-90 90/3 450 450 500 602 802 1104 3
2 EN-HCE-250 250/9 600 600 700 752 952 1300 4
3 EN-HCE-350 350/12 750 600 800 902 952 1400 6
4 EN-HCE-450 450/16 850 600 900 1002 952 1500 7
5 EN-HCE-600 600/21 900 750 900 1052 1102 1400 8
6 EN-HCE-800 800/28 900 750 1200 1052 1102 1800 9
7 EN-HCE-1000 1000/36 900 750 1500 1052 1102 2100 11

Note: Customized size chamber will be provided on demand.
All above chambers are suitable for 25°C/60%Rh; 30°C/65%Rh; 40°C/75%Rh.
Any other environmental condition will be available on demand