About Enviro-x

“enviro-x” was started by Sutra’s Control System as a brand name for it’s environmental condition control cabinet.

Sutra’s Control System established as an entity which gives product development consultancy for reputed OEM’s for control system design and automation. With this technical background now, they have stepped into environmental chamber design and manufacturing.

Idea behind the name “enviro-x” is a twofold explanation, firstly “enviro” means environmental atmospheric condition and secondly “x” stands ‘x’ as in mathematical algebraic term meaning a dynamic and variable term. When the name is read in completion(enviro-x) the device customizes the environmental atmospheric condition as per the variable and dynamic requirements of the customer and provides real time data points for dynamic monitoring of the atmospheric condition.

Enviro-x is a flexible solution to multifarious condition requirements which critically understands the requirement and provides the consumer with industries best condition regulator at their fingertips.

With background of Temperature Controlled Cabinets manufacturing we have also come with our unique universal chamber management software (Our IOT solution) “enviro-x connect”.